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Give them voice and listen: The power of pulse surveys

By Madison Hanscom, PhD

Employees want an active voice in your company, and leadership should be interested in what they have to say. The people are the culture, and it is in the best interest of leadership to know their perspective. Because it is often difficult to touch base with every employee, organizational surveys are a great way to listen more efficiently.

Pulse surveys are brief, targeted feedback assessments that are administered frequently (e.g., quarterly, monthly) to gauge a variety of constructs like employee engagement, perceptions of change, or satisfaction with an initiative. To allow for speed and simplicity, pulse surveys usually contain a small number of carefully developed survey items to be completed by phone or computer. Some organizations choose to measure something different each time to get a variety of snapshots, whereas others prefer to keep the items consistent to track changes over time.

Why use pulse surveys?

• Uncover problems you didn’t know were there.
• Gauge change initiatives.
• Create more engagement and buy-in to change.
• Show leadership is listening.
• Get people more comfortable with speaking up.
• Help you determine what the majority feels. (Sometimes there’s just a loud few individuals who don’t represent how most feel.)
• Take less time than making a cup of coffee.
• Track perceptions over time.
• Examine patterns across the company.
• Anticipate issues before they become a larger problem.

At Propulo, we will partner with you to create, administer, and regularly analyze the pulse survey of your needs. Whether you are interested in general employee engagement, tracking perceptions after a change initiative, or understanding if a safety program is working for everyone — pulse surveys are an effective way to let your people know their voices are heard.

We coach leaders to focus on prosocial safety behaviors and avoid pitfalls that derail safety efforts. We can help your leaders stay on track and make step change improvements in your safety performance. For more information on this topic, read about Safety & Safety Culture at Propulo Consulting.


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