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Safety Culture

The critical unlock to meaningful change

Safe Production Culture

To drive meaningful change in Safety performance, organizations need to have a deep understanding of their Safety Culture. For improvement strategies to drive impact, research demonstrates that they need to be stage-matched to the current cultural maturity; or they risk having negative impacts.
The challenge is that Safety Culture doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Organizations only have one culture which needs to simultaneously impact Safety, Productivity, and Quality. These dimensions are known to interact with each other. To drive real change, they need to be understood together.
Our Safe Production Culture Model, built using years of operational experience and the latest evidence-based research, has been created to bridge the gap between traditional models of safety culture, which often fail to contemplate or incorporate the business and operational contexts of safety, and other culture models, which do not fully consider the nuances of safety.
The Safe Production Culture Model provides the most accurate method of interpreting and understanding an organization’s culture with the greatest certainty of delivering business outcomes.

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Safe Production Culture

Our Safe Production Culture Maturity Model provides the most comprehensive, modern and evidence-based view of cultural maturity. We are the global leaders at providing a holistic view of Safe Production. Our evidence-based approach is the most likely to deliver business outcomes that improve safety while also improving operational performance.

16 Dimensions Assessed

Our Safe Production Culture Model relies on 16 dimensions to fully understand the drivers and improvement levers of Safe Production. These dimensions fall under 4 core categories: STRATEGIC (organizational decision-making & direction), STRUCTURAL (physical, institutional and work environment), INTERPERSONAL (interactions between individuals) and INTRAPERSONAL (thoughts, feelings and internally focused).

Rooted in Safety Ownership: Safety’s Triple-Crown

Our approach is anchored in the deep-rooted importance and interconnectedness of Mindset, Behavior and System to improve the Predictability of Safety results and more importantly to reduce Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF) and ultimately drive towards a vision of Zero Harm. We understand that to produce long-term enduring results, organizations need to simultaneously act on all three dimensions. Most approaches focus solely on one of these dimensions and ignore the interconnectedness.

The Most Accurate & Efficient Assessments

While most assessments rely heavily on lengthy perception-based surveys, our research has found these to be highly unreliable and insufficient to inform strategy. Our structured assessments mostly rely on interviews, focus groups, and onsite observations. Short perception surveys fill in the gaps. This has consistently delivered more actionable findings, increased accuracy, and employee buy-in.


Our assessments aren't designed to identify just findings but rather to develop executable strategies that lead to meaningful change. This has been designed into our methods, models but most importantly in the composition of our advisory teams. We always combine our deep knowledge of brain science and psychology with experts in Organizational Change, Strategy Development, and Communication Strategy and most importantly real-world operational expertise. This leads to executable change and real results.

Why Propulo?

  1. Propulo is the only firm that has researched, understands and measures Safe Production. We understand that Safety happens in the context of a broader operation. Safety Culture can’t be assessed in a vacuum.
  2. Propulo’s models are updated based on the latest evidence-based research, not dated models that are now deemed incomplete.
  3. Propulo’s models are designed to guide actionable recommendations not to fit a one-size-fits-all solution.
  4. Propulo’s experts bring rounded expertise needed to drive change. And have the results to back it.
  5. Propulo brings real-world, tried and tested, operational leadership expertise to ensure that solutions deliver outcomes where the ‘rubber hits the road’. We know that assessments need to extend beyond perception surveys to hold water and deliver results
  6. Propulo has deeply studied Safe Production Leadership Competencies. As such our recommendations can incorporate a deeper level of detail that is more likely to deliver real outcomes.
  7. Propulo’s expertise lies in delivering business outcomes through Organizational Change. Our research extends to the organizational change process to ensure our recommendations are sustainable.
  8. Our Values are centered to deliver on our Customer Commitments. Those Commitments are centered around value for our clients.


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