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Our Story

Propulo Consulting is a global boutique management consulting firm that partners with clients to deliver significant and sustainable improvements in organizational performance.

Capturing discretionary effort within an organization or process

Our evidence-based solutions incorporate a focus on people – through organizational psychology and brain science, and how the work gets done – through our innovative process improvement methods.

Understanding your needs

Companies that recognize the need for a committed, mobilized workforce in order to achieve their safety, customer experience, productivity, or profitability goals have come to trust our expertise and capabilities, and continue to partner with us.

Beyond the boarder, Global reach

Organizations both large and small, around the world, have partnered with us to deliver outcomes as diverse as improved call center performance, enhanced mining safety, better profitability and customer retention, and more efficient operational processes.

Global Reach

The record of delivering successful results

Our innovative methods and consistent track record of delivering successful results have led to high-trust, long-term worldwide client relationships. Since 2003, we have partnered with over 250 organizations, impacting over 115,000 people, and have delivered quantified gains in safety performance, overall profitability, operational efficiency, service experience, and client retention.


We continue to deliver on our promise to be a different kind of consultancy, one that is easy to work with, and delivers cutting-edge results-focused and people-centered solutions.

Trusted by our clients

Our clients may face different challenges, compete in different industries, and wake up on different continents, but what they all share is a deep and abiding belief that the questions that they face are best answered with innovative and forward-thinking answers.

Let our team help yours reach new heights.

Our Promise

People is at our core

Our CEO's Message

Eric Michrowski 

President & CEO of Propulo Consulting 

We Accept No Compromise. Your business success story begins with Propulo.


Eric learned about operational excellence in safety at an early age, when he started his career for an airline business. During that time, he discovered the many factors that impact on safety, operational performance. Unless you capture the heart and mind of people, you cannot success on business. That’s where Propulo came about..

Since those early days, he has made it his life’s work to dedicate for leaders to achieve their success and goals to get to the next level. His mission has, and always will be to create a company and culture that embodies the philosophy: Improve the world of work. To make workplace more safer place.


Eric Michrowski is a globally recognized thought leader and guru in Operational Performance & Transformations, Safety Culture, and Customer Experience. A highly sought-after Executive speaker on the global stage, he has led executive training programs, coached the C-Suite, and connected with thousands of Fortune 500 senior leaders. He has been featured on TV, in articles, and Podcasts and has an upcoming ForbesBooks book to be published this year.


Our Expertise

Improving the world of work

Safety & Safety Culture Transformation


Operational Performance


Service Experience


Culture Change


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