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Leadership Commitment

The World's only 4D View of Safety Leadership Commitment

The next frontier in Safety Leadership

Research clearly identifies Safety Leadership Commitment as one of the strongest predictors of Safety performance. Yet, historically, only Leadership Training, inadequate 360s and Safety Culture Assessments were available as Leadership and Performance development solutions.
Propulo has developed the foremost end-to-end Leadership Development solution to unlock Safety Leadership across the enterprise.
We help leaders understand how their Safety Leadership cascades across all levels of their plant or region with a full 4D view of performance predictors. These powerful insights can be paired with a powerful developmental suite of interventions ranging from coaching, leadership team action planning and commitments and training.
If you have multiple locations around the globe or across the country, you need a scalable, repeatable and cost-effective solution to continue for investing in the development of your Safety Leaders.

That’s where Propulo delivers.

a beautiful dragonfly sits in the grass in a meadow

Dragonflies see the world in uber-multicolor with their large compound eyes and thousands of lenses and photoreceptors.

Take a dragonfly view of your Safety Leadership across the Enterprise with Propulo’s exclusive 4D Safety Leadership Development Suite.

The next frontier in Safety Leadership.

Global Reach with 25+ Languages


Through a scalable process, we take a holistic view of your leaders, front-line team members, and overall performance. This provides a 4D view of 10 Essential Safety Leadership Commitment Dimensions, which can be translated to the shop floor with actionable insights.


Map where your leaders are against our evidence-based research on Safe Production Leadership Competencies. We have many modular training and development options to help improve specific skills.


Tapping into the 4D Leadership Assessment and view of Safe Production Leadership Competencies, we work with leadership teams to develop tangible and sustainable improvement plans and strategies. To ensure the change is embedded, we work with leaders to create individual Safety Leadership habits.


Drive tangible results with bespoke Safety Strategy Execution coaching that ties Leadership Team 4D Assessments with Commitments to ensure that they are turned into actionable habits that last.


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