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The Safety Guru Podcast with Eric Michrowski

The Safety Guru with Eric Michrowski

Real leaders leave a legacy. They capture the hearts and minds of their teams. Their origin story puts the safety and wellbeing of their people first. Great companies ubiquitously have safe yet productive operations. For those companies, Safety is an investment not a cost. It’s a real topic of daily focus. Are you ready to leave a safety legacy? Your legacy success story begins now.

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The CX Guru Podcast with Eric Michrowski

The CX Guru with Eric Michrowski

Every business comes to life through its Service Experience. Your business success depends on whether your Customers are loyal to YOU. That’s where real value and profit is created. Great companies ubiquitously have great customer experiences. A thin red line divides those that invest and consistently deliver what their Customers need and those that fail and get disrupted. In competitive and challenging times, leaders need to double down on their Service Experience. Learn and grow the value you create. Grow your success. Be on the right side of that thin red line. Your business success story begins NOW.

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Eric Michrowski



Eric Michrowski is a globally recognized thought leader and guru in Operational Performance & Transformations, Safety Culture, and Customer Experience. A highly sought-after Executive speaker on the global stage, he has led executive training programs, coached the C-Suite, and connected with thousands of Fortune 500 senior leaders. He has been featured on TV, in articles, and Podcasts and has an upcoming ForbesBooks book to be published this year.

His approach is anchored in evidence-based research and practical applications in Human Performance, Process Excellence, and Organizational Change. He brings over 25-years hands-on experience across a range of industries with a long list of operational achievements.

Looking forward to connect with you!

All the best,

Eric Michrowski

President & CEO of Propulo Consulting 

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We share real stories from people to leaders. People who has their own stories, and stories that you can learn and grow your business success.

Louis Saint-Cyr
Dr. Len Berry

"It has been over 10 years since I lost my right arm in a workplace accident—an accident that didn’t have to happen. Listen my episode to prevent the “Domino Effect” from happening in your company."

Brad Gardner / Safety Motivational Speaker

"Every job I have held in my career has been in the customer service industry, with the majority of my professional years spent working in call centers. It is working at call centers where I recall the most memorable employee/customer experiences that shaped my passion for customer service. I should share that being in the role of a customer and encountering poor service and unprofessionalism also heightened this passion."

Gwendolyn Foster Oglesby / Author

“When you walk into work every day ask yourself a simple question. Do I have this job because of what I did and I deserve it or do I have this job a privilege? A fantastic conversation with Louis Saint-Cyr, an exceptional operational leader that shares his secrets to leadership for great customer outcomes.

Louis Saint-Cyr / President at FMT

"Nobody dreamed they would not see smoke from that stack again for almost two months. The horrific events that took place on that fateful evening will forever remain in the minds of workers, families, and friends."

Brian Humphreys / Author

"It was a pleasure to work with Eric in doing this podcast. I am sharing some key insights from my recent published work addressing the future of Service Experience in the current Pandemic Age and presents a concept of an Essential Services Workforce Alliance based on the learnings from the current Pandemic to improve our overall resiliency."

Leonard L. Berry, Ph.D. / Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University