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Human Performance (HOP)

An Evolution In Safety


Organizational leaders are increasingly turning to Human Performance (HOP) principles to improve safety culture and performance. Unlike the old “command and control” approaches, Human Performance (HOP) places an emphasis on improving environmental contingencies and fixing system flaws identified in incident analysis and close call reporting. Human Performance (HOP) encourages safe work practices and increases discretionary effort. This systems-based approach leads to a safer and more open learning culture than “blame and shame” strategies.

Basic Human Performance (HP) tenants include:

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High-reliability organizations mitigate human error

High-reliability organizations have effective engineering (e.g., safeguards on equipment), administrative (e.g., procedures), and cultural (e.g., organizational values for safety) defenses to mitigate the influence of human error.

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Safety isn’t just about low numbers

Safety is the presence of solid, consistent defenses against human error.

Error-likely situations are predictable, manageable, and preventable

Most incidents are influenced by system factors like confusing procedures, excessive production pressure, faulty tools/equipment, insufficient personnel, and ineffective training.

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SIFs occur due to latent conditions that already exist

When SIFs occur, workers trigger latent conditions that already exist in systems, procedures, and expectations. These conditions lay dormant until all the wrong events align perfectly to create gaps in worker protection.

Human and Organizational Performance brings a transformational level of performance, particularly around Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs). To achieve these results, an organization needs to embark on an intentional Culture Transformation. No training program alone will yield meaningful change.

Relying on Propulo’s unparalleled breadth of experience in Safety Culture Transformations and our breadth of research and experience in Human Performance and Safety, we help organization make Human Performance (HOP) a reality with a suite of offers that help:

  • Assess current levels of safety culture to determine readiness for Human Performance and appropriate, stage-matched strategy
  • Mobilize organizational commitment for a culture shift towards HOP
  • Build Momentum for Change through a suite of training offerings and tools
  • Embed change through a series of embedding tools and strategies that help operationalize and sustain new levels of performance.
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Our approach helps embed and sustain new organizational capabilities and tools across leaders, workers and systems that:

  • Creates real organizational learning
  • Helps understand the 5 Drivers of Human Error
  • Equips an organization to combat the effects of normalized deviation
  • Increase Safety Ownership and Participation
  • Increase internal personal control for safety

Soar to new Altitudes in Safety Ownership. From Above the Wings to Ground Safety, Human Performance Brings Real Results and helps save lives. When implemented comprehensively, research has demonstrated drops of error rates by 400%.

Embark on your next step change in performance with Propulo!

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