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The integration of the best elements of BBS and HOP


BeHOP® is the synergy of the best elements of Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) and Human and Organizational Performance (HOP). It’s about integrating the strengths of both for a holistic safety approach. Historically, BBS has been an excellent approach to reinforce safe actions and redirect risky ones in a systematic, ongoing manner. However, system factors (excessive production pressure, inadequate training) were often ignored or insufficiently investigated. HOP, on the other hand, focuses extensively on system factors contributing to safe or risky actions and operations. However, HOP implementations are often theory driven without many sustainment tools.

BeHOP® bridges this gap by providing the overarching framework of HOP with behaviorally influenced sustainment tools. Benefits include:

  1. Increased focus on improving systems to drive results
  2. Eliminating “blame the employee” perceptions
  3. Improved peer checks that replace overly long (often pencil whipped) checklists
  4. Increased focus on quality over quantity (and quotas) with observation tools
  5. More emphasis on people over paper
  6. Increased focus on conversations over cards
  7. Joint problem solving with field input
  8. Decreased probability of human error and incidents

Within the BeHOP® framework, safety is not viewed as the absence of events, but rather the presence of solid, consistent defenses against human error. This shifts the focus with incidents from blaming people to addressing the system flaws that encouraged the human error. This does not discount personal responsibility, but it does shift the focus to establishing a learning environment to prevent future incidents.


BeHOP® tools like leadership listening tours, learning teams, and peer checks are used to anticipate, mitigate, and analyze human error before, during, and after the work is done. With these (and other) BeHOP® tools, there is an ongoing emphasis on:

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Anticipating where human error is most likely

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Speaking up respectfully when errors are identified and observed

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Identifying trends when and where errors are most frequently occurring

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Taking active steps for future error mitigation

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Advertising improvements to demonstrate commitment to a true learning culture

These practical tools encourage the long-term sustainment of BeHOP® principles to improve safety culture, increase safety ownership, advance learning culture, and prevent incidents. Contact Us to learn more about how BeHOP® can transform your organization’s safety culture.

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