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Historically proven and chosen by safety leaders

Incidents are a result of the choices that people make...

ZIP trainings are delivered in-person to groups of approximately 15 leaders or team members. Through many years of running these programs, we have found these small learning groups are the most conducive for creating a safe, engaging learning environment where each individual receives personalized attention and coaching.

Led by two highly trained facilitators, the program typically runs 2-4 days depending on the organizational goals. Our facilitators focus on creating an environment that is effective for reflection, interaction and taking risks – without it feeling risky.

Some organizations wish to engage their own internal personnel to co-facilitate with our facilitators. Propulo can partner with you to assess if this model makes sense to meet your goals. When it does make sense, we can run a Train the Facilitator program to help your facilitators to:

  • Better understand the facilitation process and what is means to be a co-facilitator
  • Master key facilitation skills
  • Learn to deliver ZIP content effectively and powerfully

With more than 125,000 individuals having gone through our programs over the last 13+ years, we can say confidently: we know ZIP works. Every day, we see individuals transform and leaders blossom. And they aren’t afraid to tell us about their experience….

  • “Really interactive, teachers extremely knowledgeable & personable. Never boring. Brilliant”
  • “Tailored to suit [our] requirements”
  • “Well-rounded course that kept my interest for 3 days — well done.”

We would love to tell you more about the ZIP training and the changes it has inspired in our participants’ lives and their attitudes toward safety.

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Our clients come to us every day wondering:<br /> “How do we get our employees to care about their own safety and their teammates’ safety?”<br /> “What can we do to move past this plateau our safety record is stuck on?”<br /> “Our approach just isn’t working. What else can we try?”<br /> While these are complex problems that require pulling many levers to create long-term change, we have found one powerful tool that can inspire significant personal change: Zero Incident Process (ZIP) training.

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Many safety interventions which focus on Behavior-based Safety (BBS) assume that external motivators (rewards & punishments) are required to have employees behave in a specific way. While companies may see an initial improvement with this focus, they are likely to see a plateau in achieving their safety goals. ZIP, on the other hand, has a fundamentally different approach. It focuses on the individual as a human, not as a set of behaviors. It takes a Cognitive Behaviorism approach, which recognizes that an individual’s behavior is a function not only of external rewards and punishments, but also the individual’s attitudes, values, beliefs and frames of reference. Dr. E. Scott Gellar, world-renowned safety psychologist, stated that BBS programs, taken alone, cannot be effective unless the workforce believes in and willingly applies its principles. To truly achieve this, it is necessary to integrate both behavioral and psychological approaches to safety.

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The ZIP training program is grounded in the principles of individual change, helping each learner take control of their personal safety. To achieve sustainable change, individuals need three things:<br /> Motivation to change<br /> Knowledge of how to change<br /> Sustained focus on the change<br /> ZIP brings leaders and team members through this process to help achieve lasting personal and organizational change. While each ZIP program is customized to help the organization meet its specific safety goals, each program contains some core foundational elements of the powerful curriculum.

Zip Training
97% found ZIP training enjoyable

98% learned new skills through attending a ZIP program

94% found the ZIP training to be above average compared to other safety programs they've attended

95% stated that they would immediately put into practice what they learned during ZIP

92% believed that the ZIP training would increase performance of their organization

95% indicated that the ZIP training would increase their personal safety &/or leadership performance


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