Business discussion about creating a customer experience culture

The Impact of Culture on Customer Experience

By Dale Lawrence

Often, organizations focus on either culture or customer experience or operational excellence as independent activities without seeing that they all are interrelated. In fact, the customer doesn’t really care about the company culture or the operational success but will feel the impacts from both. When it is time for the customer to reflect on their loyalty and determine if they with re-purchase, their decision will be based on the overall historical relationship and interactions. In effect, whether their needs were met with the least customer effort. The company must see the customer journey, employee engagement and the underlying work environment as intertwined. Overall, it is the transparent customer relationship where the company succeeds or fails. Your culture is the core of this relationship.

How Culture Drives a Positive Customer Journey

At the core of an organization’s culture lies the employee experience. It is how workers feel valued, the pride they show in working for the company and their overall happiness. Of course, this impacts how your employees will engage with your customers. If an employee experience is poor, workers won’t care about customer satisfaction or the company’s success. Their dissatisfaction will spill over into their customer-facing activities. Your worker’s engagement is a greater predictor of their quality of work and loyalty.

A recent LinkedIn survey found that 70% of workers in the U.S. “would not work at a leading company if it meant they had to tolerate a bad workplace culture” and that they valued a good workplace environment over lower pay (65%) or title (26%). It is no surprise that the key to a positive customer journey is providing a good place to work for your employees.

How to connect the culture to the customer experience:

• Operationalize customer empathy throughout the workforce
• Hire for customer journey success
• Ensure every employee understands who the customers are and how their work connects
• Develop methods for employees to interact with customers directly, even within the back office and supporting roles

It isn’t just that a good employee experience leads to a good customer experience. They are mutually beneficial. As the employees have thoughtful and transparent relationships with the customers, the feeling of success and accomplishment will benefit each worker. Expectations will increase as customers expect more hyper-personalized experiences and feel valued as their needs are effectively solved. This increases the employee’s job satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

It’s a win, win for all.

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