Safety Culture

Often clients come to us because their organizations are getting pressure to keep up with rising consumer demands, increasing regulations and changing workforces. As a result of so many driving forces of change, they may feel pressure to choose between safety, quality or productivity. Our work is grounded in the idea that when one element of this triangle improves, all three improve. We focus on safety first because at the end of the day, what matters most is every one of us going home to the people and experiences we love.

Research shows that up to 70% of change efforts fail. Often this is because organizations focus on either the process or the people side of change – not both. Our approach works to balance the two, changing hearts and minds while putting the hands to work in different ways.

Using proven insights from psychology and neuroscience research and continuous improvement practice, we focus on creating practical, evidence-based applications. You cannot force a safety culture change from the top-down. So we focus first on the individual to help them find the right mindset, or attitude, to consistently choose safe behaviors. We then reinforce that attitude with a structures, systems and processes that make it possible to do safe work efficiently.

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Propulo partners with clients to create sustainable improvements in safety culture. Our goal is to help organizations develop and maintain a safety culture that empower employees to go above and beyond basic compliance with safety processes and regulations.

We want to inspire employees to make safe choices for themselves, for their teams for the organization. We want to give leaders the skills and knowledge to influence their teams toward better safety outcomes. We want help organizations set up the processes, systems and structures to support and encourage safe behavior.

Our approach works. Through our culture change interventions, we have helped organizations achieve:

• Reduction in incident and injury frequency rates
• Reduction in average compensation claim cost
• Reduction in client insurance premiums
• Improved worker safety attitudes and safety behaviors
• Increased leader safety behaviors
• Increased employee engagement and productivity

Safe Production Assessment

Safe Production Assessment

Using a tailored culture assessment process, Propulo will start by assessing your safety culture against four core components: People, Leader, Practices and Environment.

We spend time listening and learning about your employees through interviews, focus groups and observations to understand the prevailing attitudes, thoughts and behaviors. Our range of diagnostic tools to assess safety culture and climate include:

• Safety culture evaluation
• Onsite observations & interviews
• Safety leader evaluation
• A suite of psychometric assessments designed to measure individual attitudes towards safety

By understanding the current maturity of your organization, we can help you chart a course to make smart, stepwise improvements over time.

Design & Implement

Design & Implement

Working closely with your key stakeholders, we design a culture change program to create long-term improvements. There are many levers to pull to create change. While our approach is highly customized to your organization’s needs, it may include:

• Launching a committee to help lead the change
• Providing training to frontline employees and leadership
• Running a train-the-trainer to empower your internal change agents to lead trainings
• Offering coaching to key executives and leaders responsible for the change
• Helping redesign any processes that may be hindering your cultural maturity
• Communications strategies, including message development and dissemination, toolkits and web applications

Sustain & Measure

Sustain & Measure

With a long-term change program, it takes focus, continued innovation and ongoing commitment. We partner closely with you and your change leaders to help manage and measure the change over time.

To understand impact, we use both staged and live data capture to assess the efficacy of culture change interventions. This allows you to monitor the progress of your organization. Measuring can include leading indicators, lagging indicators, pulse attitude surveys and full post-intervention assessments.

At the end of the day, our clients consistently see not only a safer workforce, but one that is more engaged, has higher commitment levels – key elements of safe, high-quality and productive work environments.


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