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Propulo unlocks your team

call center capabilities

Your organization has purchased the latest IVR technology, trained your agents, managed their metrics and communicated your goals. So, what happened to customer churn? Everything you have done should result in keeping the customers that you have. The latest research tells us that you need to unlock the power of your service offering. Propulo Consulting has the solution you need.

customer experience (CX) execution

Your people are the first and last chance you satisfy your customers. But training and providing the best customer service doesn't guarantee your customers are loyal. It often comes down to customer effort. In effect, are you easy-to-do-business-with? Would your customers agree? We have worked with large and small clients to ensure your customers are likely to recommend your company to their network. Did we mention it can be delivered for lower costs?

other cx solutions

Outside In assessment: Our team will evaluate your organization from the customer's perspective while providing ideas for improving where the customer likely is feeling the most pain.

Customer Journey mapping: We follow the customer's path as they navigate through your company. Our map will demonstrate customer touch points and analysis of likely customer effort areas.

Value Proposition modelling: Propulo's team will help you assess if your value proposition matches your customer's needs while identifying their pain and gain while interacting with your processes.

Customer Effort training: Custom designed employee training is available where we help your team unlock their discretionary effort and understand what their customer really wants.

safety culture transformation

Our goal is to assist your business to develop and maintain a safety culture that empowers employees to go above and beyond basic compliance with safety processes and demonstrate positive safety attitudes and behaviors. The embedding of positive safety attitudes and behaviors in standard work processes, helps keep employees safe, and contributes to a positive safety culture. We also support leaders to develop the skills and knowledge to influence their teams towards better safety outcomes, across all levels from senior leaders through to frontline employees.

Zero Incident Process training

Having changed the lives of more than 126,000 individuals to date, ZIP focuses on the link between safety attitudes and safety performance. We provide a powerful and empowering learning experience for leaders and frontline team members to help shift their attitudes toward safety. Designed based on adult learning best practices, the training focuses on understanding how the brain works in a safety context and helping each individual determine how to directly apply that new understanding to their work -- today.

operational breakthrough

Propulo delivers process transformation

the future of work

Constantly adding more work space is costing you more than the real estate, office equipment and infrastructure. It is also costing your company employee engagement, productivity, customer service and may even be reducing the time your employees spend working. Propulo can help.

process transformation

Many organizations focus on methodology over outcome. If you are having the discussion of whether Lean is the right approach or Six Sigma, you need to talk to us. Propulo Consulting approaches process transformation differently. We care about solving business problems fast and with little disruption. Your company's time is precious and you can't spend it unwisely.

other process transformation solutions

Rapid Results is a great way to involve your front-line team members to solve a business problem fast.

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