Call Center Capabilities

"We need to be easy-to-do business with!"

What leader hasn't said that to their employees?

But yet, customers are telling us that we have made it harder, not easier. It isn't that companies haven't invested. It is just they have invested wrong. More technology was supposed to improve the operation and reduce the customer's pain. That is what the industry tells us.

It hasn't.

Your customers are basing
their opinions of your service
on many other experiences
they are having

Imagine transforming your Call Center into a key differentiator of experience. Is it possible to do this with your existing people and without a major disruption? With our help, it is!

Most available solutions today are just a new version of the technology that you already have. Maybe faster. Maybe with better bells and whistles. More data is supposed to make all the problems go away. So why have customers become less loyal? Finding a differentiator is critical to survival but at what cost?

Propulo Consulting has a solution that costs less than expensive technology, is better for your customer and employees and drives a better experience.

an innovative case management approach
that starts with the people you have,
not who you wish you had

Isolated customer service training hasn’t driven the best results either. Exceeding customer expectations by focusing on soft skills yields limited impact on loyalty, repeat sales, and wallet share. The way to differentiate is by reducing customer effort and simplifying your customer’s journey. To change the culture, it takes a process and a human performance approach. Loyalty is driven by how well your operation delivers on core promises and how day-to-day challenges are solved to make it easier to do business with you. Easy to say but most solutions don’t deliver.

Additionally, customer feedback identifies the importance of communicating in a timely and accurate way and projecting a single owner of each request to ensure a consistent experience. Frequent hand-offs and call transfers due to the specialized roles and organizational structure make typical call centers a labyrinth of customer discontent.
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Call Centers provide a unique opportunity to drive a tangible impact on the Customer Experience and are a great starting point to reduce Customer Effort.

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Case Study

To drive a significant competitive advantage in the market, a large telecommunications provider needed to transform its customer experience with the goal of improving customer retention and likelihood-to-recommend. The previous Customer Journey crossed 8-10 VP teams with a workforce of nearly 8000 employees. There were many contact points for the customer to navigate that focused on call transactions while largely ignoring the customer’s need.

Through an outside-in customer journey lens, key customer effort pain points were identified and the call center was transformed with a focus on achieving the customer’s outcome with the least amount of customer effort. Key changes in the process were embedded to ensure that the process would maximize the human performance.


Our unique approach focused on simultaneously impacting people, leadership and process to drive a dramatically different experience. Ultimately a customer-focused culture supported the desired customer experience. To tap into the Human Performance within each business, our Psychology and Neuroscience research has identified five key dimensions that need to simultaneously be embedded to maximize performance. These are Alignment, Authenticity, Autonomy, Agility and Awareness.

Our unique, outside-in approach focuses on the customer journey while tapping into the talent and passion of your existing team. This results in dramatically reducing customer effort while unleashing human performance.




Within weeks of implementing these key changes, business outcomes were already starting to manifest themselves across the business. The following summarizes the key outcomes achieved:

  • Cost to serve customers reduced by between 15-25%
  • A 30% reduction of inbound calls was observed due to improved resolution of queries
  • Compensation costs were reduced by 60% due to improved performance

Cost-to-serve per customer
decreased 15-25%

Inbound calls
reduced by 30%

Compensation costs
reduced by 60%

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer effort per end-to-end transaction reduced by an average of 83%
  • Top 2 Box scores across the end-to-end experience were increased by over 2500 basis points
  • Bottom 2 Box scores across the end-to-end experience were nearly eliminated
  • Amount of time that a typical customer had to invest in a transaction was reduced by over 20%

Customer Effort (CE)
reduced 83%

Top 2 Box scores
increased 2500 basis pts.

Customer transaction time
decreased 20%

Employee Engagement

  • Employee engagement was increased to 98%, among the highest levels across the organization
  • Employee perception that their opinion mattered increased by over 3000 basis points
  • Employee positive perception of their work processes exceeded 90%

Employee engagement
increased to 98%

Customer Effort
decreased 32 points

Perception of work
increased to 90%

Key Learnings

To rapidly drive a customer experience transformation in a call center, a meaningful emphasis needs to be placed on driving a reduction in customer effort. To do this, not only does one need to understand the journey from the customer’s viewpoint but a focus needs to be placed on simultaneously impacting leadership, the individual agent and the organizational culture. Propulo Consulting is the solution you have been looking for.

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