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Rapid Results

Turning your workforce into an army of problem solvers


To improve safety participation, accelerate operational performance and innovation, Rapid Results opens leadership, creates discretionary effort and accelerates the pace of change.

Build organizational agility.

Rapid Results taps into the knowledge, ideas, passion and implementation skills of front-line team members to drive quick improvements while developing an army of problem solvers inside your business.

The hearts and minds of your team members are your greatest asset.

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  • When the problem is real but the solution isn’t obvious
  • When the solution spread across many employee’s brain
  • When the problem can’t wait
  • When aligning teams around change is essential


Framing the challenge: Working with the sponsor to understand the challenge and quantify the opportunity.

Setting the stage: Aligning the front-line team on the challenge that needs to be solved.

Collaborative problem solving: Teaching front line teams to conduct a root cause analysis, brainstorm and prioritize solutions.

Group action planning: The participants develop detailed implementation plans for their prioritized solutions.

Instant approval during Town Hall: The Sponsor reviews recommendations and approves, amends or rejects plans.

Rapid Results: After the event, the participants implement changes within 90-100 days.

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Improving Safety Participation:

To level up their safety performance, a global safety leader wanted to significantly increase Safety Participation. Rapid Results helped increase worker involvement while increasing adherence to improvements.

Improved inventory accuracy:

A client’s supply chain drove improvements to material tracking and on-time and in-full delivery (OTIF).

Improved employee commitments:

A critical employee commitment was often missed. A Rapid Result eliminated the missed commitments within 30 days.

Decreased re-work:

An end-to-end fulfillment process was found to have over 80% rework at two critical hand-offs. The rework was eliminated.

Decreased quality defects:

The quality defects on a critical business process were reduced by over 50%.