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Rapid Results

Turning your workforce into an army of problem solvers

Rapid Results

One of the most important organizational habit is centered around a continuous improvement approach that not only helps shape your team’s capabilities but also fosters a ground-up approach to solving business problems within 90 days of the event.

Using our Rapid Results approach, leverage the knowledge, ideas, passion and implementation skills of your front-line team members to drive rapid improvements while aligning team members to your desired end outcomes. The hearts and minds of your team members are your greatest asset. Yet, most businesses struggle in how to capitalize on their full potential. When properly implemented, our Rapid Results project have demonstrated significant benefits on employee engagement and business outcomes. This approach is proven in driving improvements to your business and has shown to move from your Current Mode of Operation (CMO) to the desired Future Mode of Operation (FMO) while driving increased employment engagement.

The Rapid Results Approach Brings your People Together to Solve Real Problems

What Is The Rapid Results Approach?

  • When the problem is real but the solution isn’t obvious (or it would have been already solved)
  • When the solution is often spread across many employee’s brain
  • When the problem can’t wait

How it Works

Framing the challenge: We meet with the sponsor and understand the Current Mode of Operation (CMO), business problem, build the challenge statement, validate some data and prepare for the Rapid Results event.

Setting the stage (start of the event): During the kick-off, we facilitate the understanding of the business problem with the participants and before the Sponsor leaves, the participants can ask clarifying questions..

Collaborative problem solving: The event participants brainstorm what prevents the improvement and selects the gaps that have the most impact. Once identified, they begin to build a recommended Future Mode of Operation (FMO)

Group action planning: The participants determine the actions needed, the order they need to be implemented and follow the SMART project approach.

Instant approval during Town Hall: With the Sponsor back in the room, the participants present their recommendations and ask the Sponsor to approve or reject.

Rapid Results: After the event, the participants work on all action items approved by the Sponsor in the next 90-100 days.


Increased customer usage: A government entity needed to increase customer participation in their processes

Improved inventory accuracy: A client’s supply chain found improvements to material tracking

Decreased defects to customer notices: A client needed to reduce the defect rate for business clients



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