businessman's hand drawing idea board of business process to evaluate his customer experience during COVID-19

Rapidly Evaluate Your Customer Experience During the Massive Business Disruption

By Dale Lawrence

Many organizations have been forced to increase their logistics to keep up with the sudden increase in online customer orders. Self-isolation during COVID-19 has caused significant problems for the economy. Businesses were not ready.

This is a real challenge as:

• While online ordering and order fulfilment capabilities had increased in the last decade, the majority of businesses still relied on their bricks and mortar operations;
• The historical organizational hierarchy and structure reinforced the operational silos that were needed for the pre-pandemic business, not for a disruption;
• Not every product that the business produced is in demand equally;
• Many consumers had not prepared for the purchasing shift required by them;
• Some consumers are not technology friendly beyond email;
• Online customer orders increased significantly overnight;
• The normal supply chain has been disrupted and it was not designed for the vast number of customers shopping and living at home, every day;
• Information systems have been challenged when the technical support and data entry administration moved to remote locations;
• Many smaller businesses can’t afford major delivery and courier options;
• Ad Hoc home delivery providers have been enlisted to satisfy the flood of customer orders;
• These delivery companies are also having challenges of their own;

Before Coronavirus, the normal approach would have been to extract the data, assess the project cost and search for long-term solutions. Human nature would look for perfection.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect process so avoid spending your valuable resources trying to attain perfection. Don’t step over good trying to get to great. Your customers are looking for accurate information, reliable transactions and then on-time delivery.

It is Time for a Fast CX Assessment

There will be a day to go slow and thorough, but this isn’t that day. Today, your operation needs to move fast, and your decisions need to be agile. Understanding what is negatively impacting your customer must be a priority as it is easy for customers to choose your competitor instead. In this environment, competition is only a URL away from your website.

However, determining the drivers of poor customer experience doesn’t need to be a huge effort. Yes, there are nuanced and deep root causes, but we don’t have the time to find out everything right now. The assessment doesn’t need to be heavy or detailed either. Learn enough to make a decision, then move on.

In Only Two Weeks?

Using short and direct interviews and followed by virtual workshops to identify the drivers of poor customer experiences, the assessment team can uncover the core root causes, prioritize and then design a plan of action. Remember, we are not going for perfection. What is important are the results of the targeted micro-projects that follow.

Propulo Consulting blends process excellence and human performance to unlock your team’s discretionary effort. We work fast and get results.


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