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Operational Performance

The Art of Operational Performance: Uncover the Hidden Potential within your Operations


Need to transform your Operational Performance?

Since 2005, we have been partnering with clients to help create lasting operational performance improvement by combining the latest evidence-based research in Brain Science and Psychology with real world Operational experience and the capabilities needed to drive sustainable change.

Unlock the Discretionary Effort within your Teams

Imagine a world in which the ‘right thing’ gets done out of a desire to do what’s right. Where safety, quality, and operational performance become competitive advantages.

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Unlock the Discretionary Effort within your Teams.



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If your safety performance isn’t where you would like it to be, we have a comprehensive suite of offerings to assess your current safety culture and help define an executable strategy to drive performance improvement.

Particularly when it comes to reducing Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF), strategies need to be different from norms. We understand the differences and have executed on strategies that have led to significant improvements.

Are you ready to push past a plateau in safety performance?



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When looking to improve your operational performance, it is essential to look at how organizational goals are being translated into actions where the work is performed. That’s the advantage of a Management Operating System (MOS).

Well executed MOS help accelerate operational results and improve Safety.

However, the challenge with most Management Operating Systems is that they are based on old school “carrot and stick” approaches and reduce the Discretionary Effort within your operations. They don’t create long-term results. Worse, some lead to unintended consequences and ethical breaches.

We can help you define and implement the right MOS for your organization, one that taps into your team’s Discretionary Effort while forming the right organizational habits that will boost your performance for the long term.


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Sometimes, operational leaders need to boost a specific operational metric. In most cases, these metrics are the result of end-to-end processes and require a coordinated approach to improve performance.

In addition to implementing a Management Operating System (MOS), we have helped organizations distill the critical drivers of performance into a metric drill down and implement a series of targeted improvements. In many cases, we leave the organization with a detailed and executable strategy.


When a more substantial boost in Operational Performance is needed, Propulo drives deeper transformations that tap into our full suite of capabilities across Culture, Process, Operations Management and Organizational Change.



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We believe every person can and should go home to their family healthy and whole, every day. We believe that every incident is preventable.

Since 2005, we have been partnering with clients to help create lasting safety performance improvement. We combine the best of psychology and brain science with operations, change management and strategy to help you implement smart, sustainable change.

Whether you want to improve your safety performance or reduce your Serious Injuries and Fatalities, look no further to our comprehensive solutions to chart your course and deliver lasting results.



Culture plays a critical role in improving your Safety and Operational. Measuring the intangibles and driving the change is key to your success.

That’s where Propulo comes in. Propulo has been in the business of “culture change” for operational outcomes for over 15-years.

We know that 70% of change initiatives fail. We know the value of great cultures. And we seek to improve odds of success by tapping into our evidence-based research.



Our continuous improvement and safety participation approach is anchored in the latest research and thinking in Brain Science and Psychology.

When you want to turbo charge your improvement capabilities and accelerate the pace of innovation, Rapid Results is often the place to start.

Our approach not only helps shape your team’s capabilities but also fosters a ground-up approach to solving business problems within 90 days of the event.

Tap into the knowledge, ideas, passion and implementation skills of your front-line team members to drive rapid improvements while aligning team members to your desired end outcomes. The hearts and minds of your team members are your greatest asset. Learn to capitalize on their full potential.

When properly implemented, our Rapid Results project have demonstrated significant benefits on employee engagement and business outcomes.



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Continuous Improvement capabilities are the underpinning of any great operational strategy.

Often thought of as a methodology (Similar to Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Rapid Results, etc.), it is really deeper than a toolkit and needs to be embedded into the organizational capabilities, into the organizational Culture.

Our unique approach starts with your culture and your people, as opposed to starting with tools. At the root, we work on embedding capabilities across the organization to See problems, Solve them, Share, and embed solutions across the organization.

We have helped implement Continuous Improvement capabilities across organizations large and small. From developing a strategy, to implementing capabilities and embedding those capabilities into the organizational culture.

To improve your Safety and Operational performance, we can help design a customized approach to meet your needs and accelerate your pace of change.