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Ideas for Your Next Virtual Meeting

By Madison Hanscom, Ph.D.

Whether you have already been working in a remote environment or you are new to world of virtual meetings as a result of COVID-19, it is always a good idea to check in to reflect on the effectiveness of meetings. At Propulo, we have been holding virtual meetings long before the pandemic, and here are some ideas from our desk to yours:

Don’t forget the interpersonal touches 

Sometimes it can be difficult to engage with employees or coworkers in the same way you would face-to-face through a video platform. When you are not in the same room as someone, interpersonal nuances can slip through the cracks. Be sure to engage with other attendees on a personal level. Ask people how they are doing and demonstrate active care.

Embrace the flexibility 

Because virtual meetings can be recorded and shared later, there is no need to over invite with those who might not need to attend. Give people the option to listen later or just join for a segment of the meeting that is relevant to them.

Give it structure

Although all meetings need an agenda, virtual meetings in particular run smoothly with structure. Keep things on track with carefully constructed expectations of the topic, time allotted, preparation needed, and follow-up required. 

Turn on the video… but also turn it off 

Opting in for some meetings to have video capability can help employees feel more connected. However, too many meetings with video chat can be exhausting. Find a good balance by soliciting feedback. 

Keep checking in 

Continually ask your audience what is working and what is not. Different types of meetings might benefit from different protocol. Video meeting fatigue is a real phenomenon, and it can be advantageous to adapt the process as you learn together what is working.

At Propulo, our focus has always been on safety culture and operational excellence. Please visit our website for more business insights and leadership resources.


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