geometric art with the word 'life' in the middle; maintaining creativity and innovation is essential for leading a fulfilling life

How to Keep Your Creativity and Innovate in a Square (or Rectangular) Life?

By KyoungHee Choi

Have you ever reflected on how our lives exist pretty much inside a square?

We get up in a square bed every morning, take a shower inside of a square booth, eat square cereal on a square table while reading a square newspaper. When we go to work, we get out of square rooms and a square house, we drive a square car or take a square bus or subway to go to work at a square building & office. At work, we spend the day sitting in front of a square computer and with square papers. We have lunch with square tray while watching a square mobile phone. We return to our square home, have dinner on our square dining table and watch Netflix on a square TV. We take a bath in a square bathtub while reading a square magazine. Before going to bed on our square bed, we watch social media on our square mobile phone.

A consistently square life becomes a limiting environment. Yet we are expected to be creative and innovative. How can we keep our creativity in such a square life?

In the digital era, creativity and innovation is our most critical asset. To drive innovation and creativity, switch things up. Here are 4 recommendations.

1. Explore nature

Explore a mountain, lake or ocean. Look at the green forest, blue horizon and get some fresh air. It will help your brain rest and recharge.

2. Travel Often

It is proven that your brain is more active and more creative when you see different things, meet different people and expose yourself to different environments and cultures with an open mind. Try to travel as often as you can. It helps broaden your perspectives and mind. If you can’t travel, try something different in your regular routine such as taking a different path to go to work or try new restaurants and cafés.

3. Regularly See & Enjoy the Arts

Try to visit a museum or art gallery. Enjoy a movie (particularly independent and foreign ones that might stretch the imagination), ballet, orchestra or opera with your loved one. Art brings the highest levels of creativity – enjoy the creative arts often to energize and refresh your mind.

4. Meditate

Create a daily habit to meditate and focus on what you are grateful about. The few minutes that you invest will provide longer term benefits to creativity and health.

Creativity is key to success at work. Almost everything can be digitized; but not creativity. In this era of rapid disruption, creativity and innovation are more important than ever. At Propulo, we help organizations develop a Culture of Innovation to help organizations see opportunities, solve them, and share and embed the learnings, implementing these regular habits can help you personally improve how you drive innovation at work and become more successful.


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