Engineer builders in safety vest looking at blueprint, benefitting from good safety leadership during covid

How to be a Safety Leader during COVID 19 – Daily check in

By Brie DeLisi

A large portion of the workforce is now working remotely due to the current COVID-19 climate. Companies and governments alike are encouraging employees to work from home, where possible, to reduce the potential for spreading the virus. This results in a new potential danger to employees that might be unexpected.

When we work in an office setting, it is clear who didn’t show up for work and that something might be wrong. In this climate, employees are working with little-to-no oversight at the workplace or at home and that typical daily recognition of presence disappears without second thought. What happens if they get hurt and can’t call for help? How long would it take for someone to realize? Unfortunately for most organizations, a plan is not put in place until something like this has already occurred – which is too late.

Fortunately, there is a simple 2 step remedy to address these concerns:

1. Conduct daily or 2x daily check-ins with employees who are working solo or remotely – this can be a text, call or email confirmation.

If an employee is doing more high-hazard work, ask them to check in before starting and again when they are done, with a shared understanding of how long the job will take.

2. Share emergency contact information – if someone doesn’t respond to their daily check-in, then what? Leaders should know who to call and, vice versa, your employees’ emergency contacts should also know who to contact within the company.

At Propulo, we can help you develop strategies for safety leadership that is effective now and sustainable in the future. 


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