orchestra performance; harmonize your team like an orchestra

Harmonize Your Team Just Like an Orchestra

By Kyounghee Choi

Have you ever imagined that an Orchestra is just like an Organization? Orchestras are a great place to explore lessons in leadership.

I recently went to the Symphony Orchestra with my husband and was amazed by how each instrument can harmoniously integrate to make magic that exceeds the sum of all the instruments. There’s no doubt that musicians practice hard to make everything sound so perfect. But how do they perfectly align with each other? Orchestras are usually led by a conductor who directs the performance with movements of the hands and arms. The conductor is the leader of the organization. The leader of the first violin section, commonly called the concertmaster, also plays an important role in leading the musicians. The concertmaster’s role is like the leader of each department. An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble with so many unique and distinct instruments. Each instrument family represents the role of teams. All teams bring different skill sets, passions, perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. However, all team members need to share a common goal and vision just like in an orchestra.

While I was watching the Orchestra perform, I was wondering:

· How does your organization work together in harmony to make beautiful music come to life?
· Are your teams perfectly aligned with each other trying to achieve the same goal and vision?
· Are you leading your team in a way that unlocks their greatest potential?

We all have a beautiful instrument to play. How can we make those instruments play in better harmony? That is the key to leadership. Leaders need to lead an organization just like an Orchestra. Leaders should respect the differences in teams and bring all their unique skillsets and perspectives together to create a harmonized outcome.

At Propulo, we understand and believe that everyone brings different skill sets, perspectives, cultures, and passions to their work – together it makes us a harmonized team. We help and support each other to make a difference in the World of Work.


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