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By Eric Johnson The customer care agent is the lifeline between the organization and people it serves, and should be viewed as such Customer care is the first line of customer interaction with many organizations and not surprisingly is the source of many customer complaints regarding service or other aspects of an organization's business model. Ironically, within many customer-facing organizations, customer care is considered the least “valuable” regarding position, salary, expectations, and a host of other metrics both internal and external. Based on our experience, this approach should be updated to reflect the growing level of information consumers have and the swiftness at


By Sarah Moore Business leaders are scratching their heads wondering, 'how do we avoid the type of hot water Wells Fargo is currently dealing with?' We recommend starting here… The first step Tim Sloan should take to clean up Wells Fargo’s culture. By now, we all know the vast unethical practices Wells Fargo sales agents used to pad their bonus checks. Many thousands of employees opened millions of accounts in their customers’ names, but without their awareness or consent. If you are like me, after you picked your jaw up off the floor when the story broke, you may have wondered 'How the heck


By Dale Lawrence Thinking about building internal continuous improvement capabilities? Before you jump in, we can help. We have designed and trained employees for internal process teams. We can help you make your capabilities better and the employees more productive. It’s all about the outcome Have you invested in Process Excellence training but failed to get the ROI you were expecting? Getting funding for training like Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints/ Process re-engineering can be challenging. You have to justify the expense to leadership then deliver results. The problem for many organizations is that they simply replicate a process excellence