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In today’s supercharged digital economy shift, your service experience is more essential than ever. While a digital experience is now table stakes, service differentiation remains a Human2Human (h2h) interaction.
It’s more critical than ever to have a differentiation strategy that focuses on the customer journey and that makes each human interaction count by investing in your organizational culture while personalizing each moment of truth.
Propulo Consulting helps premium and luxury brands increase their differentiation. As the global leaders in service design and culture change, we understand better than anyone both sides of the Human2Human (h2h) interaction – your teams and your customers – and have the capabilities to turn these relationships into a competitive advantage, setting you apart from your competition.
Backed by cutting-edge evidence-based Brain Science & Psychology and a 15-year global track-record, we help leaders in Customer Experience increase their Customer Lifetime Wallet Share.
We connect customer journeys that effortlessly deliver their desired outcomes with passionate teams that consistently deliver discretionary effort to ensure customer success. Connecting Customer Journeys, Customer First Cultures, workplace and job design that aligns your people to your customers to create magical relationships.
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Unique in our approach.

Unmatched in our Transformational & Redesign outcomes.





Human2Human Service Design

Premium Service Strategy. Achieved.

In today’s supercharged digital economy, Customers expect better and more authentic Human2Human (h2h) interactions and handoffs with technology. Are you delivering your product and services in a way that is fully aligned with your customer’s needs? Is your journey easy and seamless, even in cases of service recovery? Are you maximizing each interaction to differentiate and offer white glove service? Have you engineered each moment of truth and conversation to drive loyalty?

Our unique depth in Outside-In Journey designed and understanding of human interactions allows our experts to craft unique and differentiated experiences to maximize impact prior to the launch of new systems or help redesign your existing journeys, delivering tangible wallet share outcomes.

We are the global leaders in holistically designing services simultaneously encompassing a focus on Inside-out drivers (culture, leadership, work design) and Outside-in drivers (customer journey, experience engineering). Turbo charge your customer relationships.


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Customers First Culture

Consistently outperform. Outrun your competition.

There is no better predictor of customer loyalty than Culture. To ensure consistent great experiences, your Culture needs to be aligned to successful Customer outcomes. Are all your front-line team members aligned to successful customer outcomes? Do they understand how to drive differentiation?  Are they equipped and empowered to consistently deliver for your customers? Does your culture, leadership practices and work environment consistently reinforce the importance of customer success? Do your team members know how to maximize the power of connections and conversations?

With over 15 years shaping operational cultures to deliver tangible outcomes, backed by the latest research in Organizational Psychology and Customer Experience no one is better equipped to assess and execute on your Customers First strategy. And we have the results to prove it.

To make a Customers First Culture you need to simultaneously focus on Leadership practices and disciplines while shaping how the work gets done.



Innovation-Fueled Culture

Stay relevant and Future-proofed.

Nobody knows more about your customers’ needs and pain points than your front-line team members. In a rapidly changing competitive environment, are you fully tapping into their expertise to rapidly adapt and innovate your products and services? Are you maximizing the impact of Customer feedback to drive change and influence customer success?

We’ve helped leading organizations build internal capabilities to increase their speed of customer innovation by tapping into their front-line associates.  By tightening closed-loop customer feedback and implementing customer-centric operating systems, Propulo ensures the best outcome.


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High-Value Service Differentiation

Increase wallet share and lifetime value of your top customers.

Do your top customers have a strong enough reason to stay loyal and increase their wallet share? Few brands understand their top customers – the ones that bring significant margin contribution. Even fewer deliver a consistently superior and differentiated experience.

We’ve helped leading brands understand their premium customers and deliver bespoke, relationship-centric service experiences that drive true devoted customer loyalty. High Value Service Differentiation requires more than faster service and loyalty schemes to be effective.

The ROI of keeping High Value experiences exceeds any investment in new Customer acquisition. You can’t afford to lose them by not showing superior differentiation.

Case Studies

High Value Service Differentiation

When one of the largest hospitality firms in the world was seeking to differentiate the service experience for its Highest Value guests, we designed and implemented a differentiated value proposition to shift to a relationship-based model.

Human2Human (h2h) Service Design

When a Fortune 500 wanted to reduce churn, we designed an entirely new service delivery model with end-to-end ownership. Incorporating Brain Science and Psychology in the innovative Service delivery, we significantly reduced Customer Effort and improved NPS.

Culture of Customers First

When a Fortune 500 was trying to gain a competitive advantage, we drove a Cultural transformation incorporating new capabilities to fuel Innovation, new habits to increase customer proximity at all levels in the organization, and drove Leadership Development to reinforce cultural change. The change drove sustainable multi-year improved Retention and higher Revenue.

Outcomes of our Work

Cost Savings across End-to-End Journey (in addition to Lifetime value benefits)

Improvement in Top-Most Box NPS Responses (Journey)

Improvement in Customer Effort

NPS Journey Score (from 50)

Employee Engagement (post transformation)

Top quartile cultures post a return to shareholders 60% higher than median companies and 200% higher than those in the bottom quartile

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