according to brand color psychology, this purple chair evokes luxury

Color Your Branding: The Psychology of Purple

By KyoungHee Choi

As you’ve likely heard, color evokes deeper meaning beyond the visual impact it portrays. As you define your brand, the more you understand the psychology of color, the more successful you will be. Don’t let the choice be accidental!

While some companies have chosen their brand colors with intent, many would benefit from a deeper understand of their choice. This becomes particularly relevant in today’s digital era. Sales is the art of persuasion, and visuals play a dominant role in driving this very persuasion. Are you paying attention to the color psychology in your branding strategy?

Color Your Branding: The Psychology of Purple

For example, the color purple which we chose for Propulo’s brand, has been associated with royalty, luxury and wealth for centuries. It also implies creativity, wisdom, dignity, power, inspiration, ambition and quality.

Since ancient times and across cultures, the color purple has been associated with Kings and Queens. Some Roman emperors even forbade their citizens from wearing purple clothing under penalty of death. As a more expensive dye to make, it was an exclusive color showcasing luxury, wealth and success.

In color psychology, purple is associated with promoting harmony for both mind and emotions, balance and stability. A link between thought and activity. Purple represents the future, imagination and dreams.

When it comes to branding, purple is seldom used, as it’s typically not as noticeable. Yet, in factoring color psychology, purple is a phenomenal choice for luxury and premium brands, particularly for those with a creative focus.

That’s why Propulo leverages a deep purple to define its brand. Our firm has been recognized for its creativity, unique approaches and unmatched solutions. In transforming businesses, we bring a touch of luxury with insights from brain science and psychology, expertise rooted in experience and solutions powered by our partner’s people.

At Propulo, our brand transcends our meaning and purpose to convey our unique difference.

Is your brand anchored in a deep understanding of color psychology? Do you maximize the art of persuasion to win your next client?

KyoungHee Choi | CMO at Propulo Consulting & Art Psychotherapist


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