a big house; leaders at work are shown to influence life at home

Can Your Leader at Work Influence Life at Home?

By Madison Hanscom, PhD

Whether it is wrapping up a deliverable, venting about a hard day, or preparing for the next day ahead, many of us bring work home. But has research been conducted to examine the effects of leadership characteristics spilling over into the home domain of their followers? A recent study was conducted to examine the impact that empowering leaders have on their employees’ home lives.

Empowering leaders were defined as those that give employees autonomy, meaning to their work, opportunities for self-leadership, participation in decision-making, and support for employee development through coaching and modeling.

The result of the study showed that leadership does influence life at home.

The researchers explain how these leadership characteristics fulfill employees’ basic psychological needs, thus contributing to better work engagement, then impacting the non-work domain in a positive way (e.g., making you a better companion when you get home).

This is just a glimpse of the many research studies building evidence to support how work has the potential to enrich a person’s life. An investment in leadership is an investment in all employees.

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