The Propulo Approach

By Eric Johnson

In the pursuit of an ever-elusive profit margin, organizational complexity tends to increase relative to the outputs of the business. Customers are demanding increased features of products and services yet competition places downward pressure on pricing. At this point, operational processes become a strategic advantage: how can you deliver your products and services at the level your customers want but at the ease and cost structure your company needs?

If this describes your situation, you are not alone. At Propulo, we interact with organizations every day that are looking to capture the value that is derived from reduction in organizational complexity. Our view of operational excellence is through the lens of process improvement and organizational behavior unlocks both strategic and tactical potential leveraging the eyes and ideas of the frontline employee with the data and strategic mindset of management. Businesses are under pressure to perform in an era of increasing technological and informational changes and Propulo can evaluate your process improvement needs and provide you with lasting solutions that will reduce both productivity time as well as eliminate waste within the process. The result is a positive impact on both employee morale and customer satisfaction.

How we help your operational process

Propulo is a business process improvement consulting firm specializing in strategic excellence, process improvement, and a scientific approach to organizational behavior. Our methodology is designed to identify those non-value-added and variable aspects of a process while at the same time noting those value-added components that positively affect the overall system and should be accelerated. Propulo’s team uses analytics and industry-proven techniques acquired from over a hundred years of combined experience to evaluate your business processes and determine the pain points within your organization’s operational system. Propulo will then design a future state model to correct the process with the goal of ultimately improving both top-end and bottom-line performance.

Our Rapid Results method is a client-focused approach to capturing the knowledge of front-line workers and applying that knowledge to solve problems that can be elusive to resolution by upper management. This approach is a derivative of those initially used in manufacturing to increase productivity. Industries such as automotive and bottling, and organizations such as General Electric and many other manufacturers have benefitted from these deployments. Process time was made more efficient, savings were realized, and the day to day processing activities of the individual employee have been improved, freeing them to take on more value-added responsibilities. Eventually this business process improvement method began to take off in other sectors, transitioning from manufacturing into the service sector.

We work with members of your management team as well as the people on the front line using the processes that run your business. Teams directly benefit from the teamwork aspects of our process improvement training and are better able to identify defects in the future. We remove the guess work of how to identify a process improvement need, what to do with the information once you find it, and how to implement effective business process improvement tools and techniques which will move your business to a more streamlined approach. Ultimately, this allows you more time to focus on the one thing that matters most: satisfying the customer.


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