Josh Williams

Promoting a Learning Culture with After Action Reviews (AAR)

After Action Review

By Josh Williams, Ph.D.

The manner in which incident analyses are handled in organizations has a significant impact on organizational culture. Empirical research demonstrates effective information sharing and incident analysis practices are significantly related to fewer incidents and injuries (Wachter & Yorio, 2014). In healthy organizations, AARs are viewed within the context of a learning environment to prevent similar incidents in the future. This includes looking at all system factors contributing to incidents. In less healthy cultures, AARs neglect to fully address these factors and may be perceived as blame oriented by employees. Read More...

New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day….“Safety Break for Oregon” Day


By Josh Williams, Ph.D.

We’re all accustomed to annual days meant to celebrate important people in our lives. We have Valentine’s Day tomorrow which will soon be followed by Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and (don’t forget) Secretary’s Day. Another important day to celebrate is the “Safety Break for Oregon” day on May 8. This is an annual safety day established sixteen years ago by OSHA Oregon. Basically, it’s a safety stand-down for the entire state! Read More...

Close Call Reporting: Don’t Sweep Things Under the Rug

airport from above

By Brie DeLisi and Josh Williams

Does your organization promote a culture of reporting or a fear of punishment surrounding close call events? Recently an air traffic controller in Switzerland was actually convicted in Swiss court for reporting a near miss...

Lessons Learned from Mining, Refining and the Cleveland Browns

workers at plant_Fotor (2)

By Josh Williams

With apologies to our friends in Ohio, the Cleveland Browns professional football team has been historically bad for decades. Their record over the last 10 years is 48-122 (31st out of 32 teams in winning percentage). It was recently announced they will be looking for a new head coach to change their culture and start winning more games. Surely change is needed to reverse their losing ways, right? Read More...