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Executive Fireside Conversations: Building an Army of Problem Solvers in a High Growth, Entrepreneurial Disruptor

fireside chat

By Eric Michrowski

I was recently meeting with the CEO of a professional services firm that has developed a business model, which is quietly disrupting his industry. Founded in a dislike in the conventional business model that his competitors have been reinforcing for decades, he has changed a few key variables to transform the service offer, namely:


The Disconnect Between You and Your Customers is Customer Care

The Disconnect

By Eric Johnson

The customer care agent is the lifeline between the organization and people it serves, and should be viewed as such Read More...

The Propulo Approach

By Eric Johnson

In the pursuit of an ever-elusive profit margin, organizational complexity tends to increase relative to the outputs of the business. Customers are demanding increased features of products and services yet competition places downward pressure on pricing. At this point, operational processes become a strategic advantage: how can you deliver your products and services at the level your customers want but at the ease and cost structure your company needs? Read More...

Transforming your Customer Experience: The Psychology that Drives Differentiation

By Allison M. Ellis, Eric Michrowski & Dr. Autumn D. Krauss

In the service industry, employees on the frontline are critical for driving the business, through having meaningful interactions with customers and clients and serving as ambassadors of the entire organization. Prioritizing the customer or client experience, or in other words taking an outside-in perspective, requires a focus on both creating systems and processes that efficiently and effectively serve the customer, as well as identifying the human factors that drive the highest quality customer experiences.