Brie DeLisi

What can we learn from COVID response abroad?

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By Brie DeLisi and Propulo team

While countries like China, Italy, and now the US are struggling to contain COVID-19 – there are other countries that immediately sprang into action to avoid transmission of the virus and economic disaster.

Making difficult decisions about safety during COVID-19


By Brie DeLisi

Many companies are finding themselves making unexpected difficult decisions around their state of business and employee safety. Do I continue operations and potentially expose my employees to COVID-19? Do I shut down operations and risk going out of business? What other options do I have?


Leading a safe and productive workforce during times of uncertainty


By Brie DeLisi

The world has been incredibly impacted over the course of the last month with COVID-19 and impacts on our economy. Leaders are being confronted with challenges that they have never had to address before, and it can be overwhelming. Leadership skills during this time are more important than they have ever been, to continue to promote a culture of safety and productivity.


How to be a Safety Leader during COVID 19 - Daily check in


By Brie DeLisi

A large portion of the workforce is now working remotely due to the current COVID 19 climate. Companies and governments alike are encouraging employees to work from home, where possible, to reduce the potential for spreading the virus. This results in a new potential danger to employees that might be unexpected.

How to run effective virtual meetings

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By Brie DeLisi

There is a call to practice Social Distancing in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, and many organizations have responded accordingly. Companies are shifting to an entirely remote workforce, where possible, and with this significant shift in the physical nature of the workplace, comes a new workforce dynamic. Meetings that were previously held in person are now shifting to a virtual conference call – and that can exacerbate pre-existing issues around participant engagement. In order to better prepare you and your team for this new meeting setting, we’ve compiled a number of recommendations to run effective virtual meetings: Read More...

Working from home? Here is your safety checklist:

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By Brie DeLisi

Whether you are a seasoned remote employee or new to working from home due to COVID-19, there are a number of considerations to take for working at home safely.


The relationship between safety culture and lean manufacturing


By Brie DeLisi

In many organizations safety and operational excellence are two separate functions, any overlap is deemed coincidental. However, these two functions are incredibly interrelated when it comes to the actual practice and the related values. At the most foundational level, lean processes and safety culture both rely on the same thing: the employees.


Safety Prioritization and the effects on safety culture


By Brie DeLisi

Most organizations believe that by having ‘safety’ as a company value and conducting annual safety training is sufficient to drive the message that safety matters. At Propulo, we’ve heard time and time again that “it goes without saying” and “employees know that safety matters” when we ask about a lack of safety conversations. However, the human brain doesn’t quite work like that – the brain prefers to prioritize what is considered important. Read More...

How does your emergency preparedness reflect on your safety culture?

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By Brie DeLisi

At Propulo, we understand that emergency preparedness is one of the most important indicators of organizational safety culture maturity. Emergency preparedness includes several aspects including:
- Identification of risks (fire, medical, natural disasters, loss of power, security, etc.)
- Written plans to address those risks with actionable items
- Conducting drills of those plans and testing systems
- Applying continuous improvement to update and validate the plans when gaps are exposed


Rewarding employees for a lack of injuries

Days since injury-2

By Brie DeLisi

How many times have you seen a sign that says: “XX days since our last injury”? Or a pizza party, awards, or bonuses for no injuries? These celebrations are commonplace at businesses across the world. The original purpose of celebrating a lack of injuries is that it seemingly demonstrates that we kept our employees safe and to keep it up! It is an admirable and noteworthy accomplishment to keep employees safe for a whole year, or even years. However, there is an unintended consequence that has a tendency to rear its ugly head when this is our only form of recognition for safety. Read More...

Downsizing and the impact on employees

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By Brie DeLisi and Kelly Cave

The term “downsizing” is enough to make anyone’s brain enter into a tailspin – Am I going to be fired? Will this affect me? How will this affect my job? My family? When is it going to happen? What am I going to do? Read More...

Burnout in the workplace

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By Brie DeLisi

Burnout? It’s all the rage right now… Technology has had both a wonderful and terrible impact on the workplace. We’ve streamlined processes, resulting in the ability to take on more tasks in a day than ever before. Not only that but we are connected 24 hours a day to ensure we don’t miss a thing in the office, our social circles and world news, all at once.

The Hidden Costs of Disengagement


By Kelly Cave and Brie DeLisi

Imagine having a job that makes you feel excited to go to work every day. When you get to work, you feel highly energized and identify strongly with the work you are doing. Now, on the flip side, imagine having a job that makes you dread going into work every day. This job feels like it is sapping your energy, and you spend your days counting down the hours and minutes until you get to go home. Which of these jobs would you rather have?

Mindfulness and the workplace

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By Melanie Kramer, Steph Andel and Brie DeLisi

What is mindfulness?

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., the man credited for inventing the fundamental of mindfulness, describes it as the moment to moment, non-judgmental awareness. In other words, by paying attention in the present moment without reacting or judging (13). Even more simply, it is noticing what is happening while it is happening. Kabat-Zinn (13) argues that the greater the mindfulness, the greater the awareness (and thus insight) that may stem from it. Read More...

Close Call Reporting: Don’t Sweep Things Under the Rug

airport from above

By Brie DeLisi and Josh Williams

Does your organization promote a culture of reporting or a fear of punishment surrounding close call events? Recently an air traffic controller in Switzerland was actually convicted in Swiss court for reporting a near miss...

Safe production as an assessment lens

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By Brie DeLisi

As an organizational leader, you might be interested in understanding the current state of the safety program for any number of reasons, whether it be to address incidents or injury rates, comply with regulations or company requirements, or because you’ve determined that a strong safety program is necessary. Read More...