Supply Chain

Building Supply Chain Resilience Helps to Mitigate Global Impacts from Pandemics


By Dale Lawrence

Every company is impacted in some way by Coronavirus and in many organizations, their supply chain experienced great challenges. After decades of supply chain integration, the wave of countries going into quarantine illustrated how interconnected we all have become. In only a few weeks, organizations around the world quickly felt the impacts from shortages of spare parts, natural resource shipments, disrupted human capital, shifting human behavior and buying patterns, gaps in information and technology, customer orders in progress and outstanding payments.

Supply Chain Risk – Solving and Overcoming Unexpected Gaps


By Eric Johnson

In the current COVID-19 crisis, disruptions to the supply chain have become tremendously apparent, as the entire economy shuts down to contain the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. As we move toward a prolonged shutdown, many organizations are looking to do two things: minimize the damage that the supply chain disruption brings and then to position the organization to ramp up quickly if the recovery occurs at a rapid pace amid sharply recovering demand.