Preparing Your Business for Another Business Interruption


By Dale Lawrence

While not all businesses have emerged from the current fire-fighting mode after the first shock of the Black Swan pandemic, many companies are assessing the impacts to their business and clients. While there are also some recent signs some organizations are preparing for some sort of normal, it is really the time to prepare for another disruption. As a leader, it is more important than ever to conduct Business Recovery Planning sessions, review your strategy, make adjustments and prepare for another business interruption. Coronavirus will likely hit us again and the effort to prepare is needed.

Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic – Taking Costs Out of the Business


By Eric Johnson

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to clearly affect the economy, organizations negatively affected by the stay-at-home mandate are looking to reduce organizational costs as much as possible in order to stabilize cash outlays until an economic bottom occurs and an upswing begins. Below are some suggestions to accomplish this considering time is of the essence.

Strategy and Planning – How to Do It Right the First Time


By Eric Johnson

Strategy and Planning are the core activities in any organization that provide guidance and link the “whys” to the “hows” that define utilization of resources in producing high quality outputs. These are also core events in the business cycle that should be driven by data behind both external and internal forces to best approach the most advantageous deployment of resources toward customer satisfaction. Read More...

Transforming, Innovating, Growing: The case for leaders with diversified careers


By Eric Michrowski

HBR recently published a study on Transformational Leaders . One of the conclusions that caught my eye was that most of the leaders that had successfully transformed an industry or business had very diverse backgrounds (think Amazon's Bezos who came from a Finance background). They mention the importance of leaders that come with outside experience and that are brought into a business to drive change. Read More...

Four Vital Lessons Joe Dirt Surprisingly Teaches us about Strategy

Joe Dirt

In 2001, David Spade’s magnum opus ‘Joe Dirt’ was released, to critical fanfare (11% at Rotten Tomatoes) and commercial success ($27M in domestic gross). A coming of age tale about the eponymous antihero (played by Spade), the film tells the story of a young man whose parents had a mullet wig surgically grafted to his head because his skull failed to completely form, before leaving him behind at the Grand Canyon at the tender age of only eight years old. Joe would go on to grow up in a plethora of foster homes, each with a series of misadventures more imposing than the last, before leaving the love of his life to try to find his parents, eventually ending up in a janitorial job at a Los Angeles radio station, where his tragic story became fodder for a morning show disc jockey. Joe eventually finds his parents, discovering their abhorrent and crass commercialism and rejecting them for the friends he discovered during the course of his search and recapturing his lost love. Read More...