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Flex Work: The Need for a Long View in a Remote Workspace

The Need for a Long View for a Remote Workspace

By Dale Lawrence

While most leaders have adopted a plan of not bringing every employee back to the physical workplace, what is unclear is “how long?”, “how is this impacting my strategy?” and “what impact will this have on my business, partners and customers?”. Without a clear understanding of the long-term impacts of Coronavirus on society and specifically the economy, many leaders are unable to project far into the future business planning. Not only does this impact budgetary planning for capital and operating expenses, it changes how leaders look to growth, partnerships, supply chains, business improvements and customer experience initiatives.


Design Thinking with a Remote Workforce: How to Drive Process and Customer Experience Improvements During Coronavirus


By Dale Lawrence

Even during massive business disruptions, job losses and a shift in your customer’s attention, your business is still moving forward. This is not the time to stop innovating. This is not the time to give up on your customers. Many of your workers are feeling isolated and struggling to be productive and likely have far more discretionary time than ever before. It was been shown that a remote workforce starts their day earlier, can have less distractions during the workday and tends to work later than the traditional office worker.

Rapid Results: A tool for solving issues and motivating employees

process optimization

By Eric Johnson (EJ)

Rapid Results events are fast paced change elements that when done correctly, they can reinforce your organization's commitment to change and improvement. Read More...

The Propulo Approach

By Eric Johnson

In the pursuit of an ever-elusive profit margin, organizational complexity tends to increase relative to the outputs of the business. Customers are demanding increased features of products and services yet competition places downward pressure on pricing. At this point, operational processes become a strategic advantage: how can you deliver your products and services at the level your customers want but at the ease and cost structure your company needs? Read More...