MISSING IMAGE - Does your culture go beyond OSHA compliance?

By Brie DeLisi

Prior to COVID-19, OSHA inspections were already on a decline, “the average number of OSHA inspections per year under this administration is more than 5,000 inspections less per year than the average number of inspections” under previous administrations, according to an NELP data brief. During COVID-19, employee complaints soared while OSHA inspections have nearly halted. Additionally, OSHA has only provided recommendations for COVID-19 employer response – with no enforceable guidelines.


New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day….“Safety Break for Oregon” Day


By Josh Williams, Ph.D.

We’re all accustomed to annual days meant to celebrate important people in our lives. We have Valentine’s Day tomorrow which will soon be followed by Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and (don’t forget) Secretary’s Day. Another important day to celebrate is the “Safety Break for Oregon” day on May 8. This is an annual safety day established sixteen years ago by OSHA Oregon. Basically, it’s a safety stand-down for the entire state! Read More...