About Propulo Consulting

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller

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Propulo Consulting is a global boutique management consulting firm that partners with clients to deliver significant and sustainable improvements in organizational performance.

As the global leader in capturing discretionary effort within an organization or process, our evidence-based solutions incorporate a focus on people – through organizational psychology and brain science, and how the work gets done – through our innovative process improvement methods.

Companies that recognize the need for a committed, mobilized workforce in order to achieve their safety, customer experience, productivity, or profitability goals have come to trust our expertise and capabilities, and continue to partner with us.

At Propulo Consulting, we change the world of work through our innovative approach, which relies upon the learnings of neuroscience and process improvement to harness the innate capabilities of the human mind.

Organizations both large and small, around the world, have partnered with us to deliver outcomes as diverse as improved call center performance, enhanced mining safety, better profitability and customer retention, and more efficient operational processes.

Our innovative methods and consistent track record of delivering successful results have led to high-trust, long-term worldwide client relationships. Since 2003, we have partnered with over 250 organizations, impacting over 115,000 people, and have delivered quantified gains in safety performance, overall profitability, operational efficiency, customer experience, and client retention.

We continue to deliver on our promise to be a different kind of consultancy, one that is easy to work with, and delivers cutting-edge results-focused and people-centered solutions.




Our beginning as Sentis

  • Original introduction of ZIP and Safety performance solutions focused on evidence based solutions anchored in Brain Science and Psychology


Our expansion; Sentis, Americas & Europe

  • Global expansion into North America, followed by Europe

  • Gradual expansion into Customer Experience, Operational Excellence and Process Excellence

  • Increasing focus on Consulting and Advisory services and building senior talent and capabilities


Propulo Consulting is born

  • To capitalize on our strengths as a Boutique Consulting firm, our deep subject matter expertise, our broad practical experience and our regional focus, the Propulo Consulting was created and incorporated into the Propulo Group.

  • As part of the Propulo Group, we will continue to focus on expanding and growing our unique value proposition in our markets, while maintaining exclusivity in the distribution of Sentis training offerings including ZIP and Safety Citizens across the Americas and Europe.

  • Over the coming years, our services will gradually be rebranded as part of the Propulo Group to share our common focus on building an exceptional boutique consulting firm that captures Discretionary Effort within an organization or process through evidence-based solutions that incorporate a focus on people, through the application of organizational psychology and brain science, and how the work gets done through the application of innovative process improvement methods.

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Call us at 1-888-3-PROPULO (1.888.377.6785)