man staring at projection of a checked box; behavioral checklists are a useful tool for covid re-entry

A Leadership Checklist for Covid Re-Entry: Part 1

By Josh Williams, Ph.D.
Leaders are searching for guidance as companies begin opening back up with our “new normal” under COVID. In British Columbia, WorkSafe BC is working with local businesses to provide specific criteria required to resume safe work operations. This includes guidelines for assessing current risks, implementing risk mitigation strategies (e.g., cleaning, physical distancing), policy development, communication plans, and ongoing monitoring. (1) It is noteworthy that BC is more strict in dealing with COVID than other Canadian provinces (and the U.S.) and have had far fewer deaths (126) than analogous regions like Washington State (891). Although the federal government in the U.S. has provided some re-entry guidelines, more specific CDC recommendations aren’t being nationally implemented. (2) This means state and local governments are largely responsible for establishing their own guidelines. The result is that organizational leaders may struggle to find the information they need in re-opening business activities.  

Our organization helps leaders develop protocols and assignments for COVID re-entry.

This includes the use of behavioral checklists for actions to complete (and by whom). The efficacy of behavioral checklists has been demonstrated in a variety of organizational settings like hospitals, airlines, and manufacturing. Checklists help leaders put their vision and plans into action. As Thomas Edison pointed out, “Vision without execution is hallucination.”

With this in mind, here are a few ideas to consider in building a checklist for leaders to use in slowly reopening work from COVID-19. ​We recommend that you, as leaders, create your own checklist using ideas from the one provided below as this one is really just intended to inspire.

A Leadership Checklist for Covid Re-Entry

Please take elements of this checklist and make it your own.
It will help keep you and your employees safe and healthy. How you handle this crisis now will set you up for success or failure years from now when the pandemic is over.

At Propulo, we can help you develop your own checklist protocol for returning to work safely in the COVID era. Our partners have the expertise and experience to set you up for a safe, productive, and profitable return to work. 

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